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Why Should we Sit to Pee?

Controversial topic in some instances. Do you teach boys to sit to pee or to stand?

As far as I am concerned, EVERYONE should sit to pee the majority of the time. Especially when they are just in the potty learning process. The question is why?

First off, the amount of clean-up and mess is generally significantly less when we sit to pee. But if that isn't enough there are some important pelvic health reasons as well.

When you teach a child to stand to pee during the potty learning process they will have far fewer opportunities to evacuate the bowel as well. In many instances potty learning is a constipating process. It shouldn't be, however learning how to hold everything in is a great way to extend play time! Kids that are just learning the signals of their body, what it feels like when they need to go pee and when they need to go poop can sometimes get crossed wires.

Sitting to pee with help kids be able to relax all the muscles of the pelvic floor, and will encourage more awareness of the pelvic floor and sensation differentiation between "do I have to pee" or "do I have to poop?"

When we stand to pee, the opportunity to evacuate the bowel is, well, eliminated.

If we are wanting our kids to have the best chance at success and long-term achievement without resulting issues coming up at age 5-9, sitting to pee for *most* voids is the best choice!

But let's be real... at a park or public bathroom, sure, standing is ok.

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