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Let's get Acquainted

Introducing ourselves will prove challenging given that we can't have a full conversation. However, I will do my best and keep it short since you are looking for the potty training magic answers.

My name is Haylie Lashta and I am a pediatric pelvic health physiotherapist. I have had a keen interest in pediatric pelvic health and how it impacts adult pelvic health for many years. Once I started practicing in peds I very quickly became focused in the potty learning phase. Why? Well it seemed a lot of the issues we were dealing with down the line may have begun around potty 'training'.

Although it may seem like semantics, I am VERY picky about referring to the process I have developed in the e-book as potty LEARNING. It is NOT potty training. Unfortunately there is no magic formula that will "make it happen"; but there are three components to readiness that if we can encourage and support our kiddos with, that will lend itself to success!

Now I know that when we are struggling it seems to take FOREVER for our kids to move through a particular phase of life. Our kids are only little for so long and you don't have to love all the moments, but I choose to at least really enjoy the good bits.

So if you are looking to have a 4 steps and then trained program... this won't be the right place to be looking.

If you are looking for a better way that allows you to support, encourage, and foster a positive relationship with your child through this developmental journey you will want to take a closer look!


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