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The Ten Thousand and Seventy Hundred Steps to Going Potty

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

As my kids would say, there are Ten THOUSAND and seventy hundred things to do and I just don't have time!

When we are adults and are old hands at going to the washroom the task components are all lumped together and it isn't nearly as daunting. If we take a minute to think about it, going to the washroom requires a LOT of steps that our kiddos need to master:

  1. Recognize that they have to go pee or poop (this is different from being able to tell that they are wet!)

  2. Respond to that urge with enough time to get to the washroom

  3. Be able to turn on the light

  4. Manage pants/underwear

  5. Get onto/not fall off a stool (for using a big potty)

  6. Sit down without falling in (or using a potty seat for kids)

  7. Coordinate the muscles to void the bladder and evacuate the bowel in a seated position

  8. Wait until they are completely empty

  9. Wipe (which is actually a super challenging skill in and of itself!)

  10. Pull up pants/underwear (without falling off the stool!)

  11. Move the stool (many individuals opt for one stool in the bathroom)

  12. Turn on the sink

  13. Wash your hands (20 seconds or two whole rounds of ABCs)

  14. Turn off the sink

  15. Turn off the light

All of this is in the way of PLAYING! Which is a child's job after all. Help out your kiddo by practicing some of these steps independent of each other. Narrate what you do when you are going to the washroom.

If it seems like a child is unable to wait to get to the washroom, they are leaking urine before they can get there, or perhaps are getting stool stains in the underwear these can all be signs that further investigation into what the pelvic floor is doing may be appropriate.

Being able to identify the components of readiness to tackle the toilet is where the e-book comes in handy. Tips and tricks of how to encourage interest and readiness awaits!

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