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Bed Wetting

Wetting the bed AGAIN?! Still?! Why is this a THING?!

Bed wetting is a common household occurrence with many theories behind it. There's the age old adage that "bed wetting will resolve itself". However, there are people that reach 18 and adulthood that are still wetting the bed.

In children aged 5 up to 20% of them will wet the bed or continue to have urinary "accidents" which can be typical and developmentally appropriate in some children. This percentage decreases over time as children age, however, about 2% of kids won't grow out of it.

In Canada that is 204,000 kids that will continue to wet the bed into adulthood.

The causes of bed wetting are variable. There are certain medical issues that result in bed wetting, developmental components, and bodily function issues that can lead to bed wetting challenges.

Whether someone is struggling with intermittent bed wetting, with many days in between accidents, or they are constantly bed wetting every night with the occasional dry night we can look at the factors with the same objectivity.

Daytime Function

First, how is the child functioning throughout the day for bowel and bladder habits? Going a LOT? Barely going at all? Do they seem to need to pee every 15 min or have a bladder of steel?

Next we are looking at the bowel. Any difficulties with constipation? Irritable bowel of sorts? Does kiddo often avoid pooping?


During the night we expect kids to be able to go 8-12 hours without voiding. Are they a deep sleeper? Do they get nightmares? Have they had any sleep apnea or tongue tie issues?

Even though the possibilities are endless there are reasons for bed wetting that you can address!

We will be discussing these reasons during a virtual presentation on Wednesday January 13 at noon CST. Join us!

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