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Potty Learning Made Easy

"Your kid isn't potty trained yet? If you wait too long it will be even harder!" 

With children there seems to be three areas that is focused on to determine if a kid is "good": sleep, eating, and using the toilet!

The amount of pressure on parents and caregivers is massive. It feels like not only is your kid "good" or "bad", but if you are a success or a failure as a parent. 

What if there was another way? What if you could untie the success or failure from using the toilet? What if we told you that when you start when your child isn't ready, it will make it harder; and not that if you "wait too long"?!

Potty LEARNING is specifically geared towards flipping the "training" mindset on its head. Potty learning is a positive, relationship building, supportive approach that is based in developmental components.

Much like rolling, crawling, walking, and even riding a bike is a skill a child needs support and assistance as well as encouragement to become successful with using the toilet. 

If we switch the mindset from a "task the parent is responsible for" to a "skill the child needs to develop" it will set us free from judgment and ridicule. After all, we wouldn't place  a 2 year old on a pedal bike and expect them to learn how to use it would we?

Join our community! The Potty Learning Made Easy e-book will give you the knowledge to support yourself and your child through potty LEARNING and allow you to escape the immense pressure!

Want to know some additional information? Check out the BLOG page for topics and areas of support.

Potty Learning Made Easy E-book

Struggling with potty "training"? Not sure where to start? Looking for all the information before diving in?


This E-book is a great place to start, come to for trouble shooting and building your information to best support your child through potty learning!


Understand the key components required for success and be prepared to apply the knowledge to your own child.


No two children are alike and we are here to ensure that you can be successful with all your kidlets by understanding the developmental milestones and requirements for success!

Potty Learning Made Easy E-book

SKU: 0001
  • This book is intended for caregivers and daycare providers that want to work through the potty phase differently. If you want to support those little people in a positive and encouraging environment where we set them up for success, this book is for you!

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